Proper Scar Maintenance After Orange County Facial Rejuvenation

Orange County facial rejuvenation specialists recommend careful home care for scars.

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Patients who have Orange County facial rejuvenation find that their scarring is one of the factors that determines how happy they are with their results. Patients who have minimally visible scars report a higher level of satisfaction than those who have very visible scars. Dr. Ambe works to hide scars by placing them in areas of the body that are not highly visible, but patients themselves also need to take good care of their incision sites to minimize scarring.

The location of the incision and the type of surgery will dictate the type of suture used. Sometimes Dr. Ambe uses dissolvable sutures, but those that are not dissolvable will need to be removed 7 to 10 days post-surgery. Sometimes the incision is covered with steri strips. These provide pressure and promote proper healing, so leave them in place until your doctor removes them.

After about 2 to 4 weeks, you should start treating your incisions at home with a high quality skin care product designed to promote scar healing. You will find many of these on the market, but Dr. Ambe specifically recommends his own skin care line scar treatment called Eye Lift Gel. Designed specifically for those undergoing Orange County facial rejuvenation, this product contains ingredients that promote collagen growth and help scars mature and heal faster than they could on their own or with traditional treatments.

When asked about his product, Dr. Ambe said, “Consistent use of Ambe Eye Lift Gel for approximately 6 to 12 months following surgery has proven extremely beneficial for scar healing and desirable surgical results.” Patients can purchase this product through Dr. Ambe’s website or at his clinic.

Orange County Facial Rejuvenation
Orange County Facial Rejuvenation

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