Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Fan Ponders In Home Devices vs. In Office Procedures

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Why buy bread when you could make it yourself? Or take a trip to the grocery store when you could plant a garden of your own?  More and more people are asking, why pay when I could just do it myself?  So it stands to reason that when it comes to beauty, we’d like to be in control of our own looks; however, this is one instance where we should leave it to the professionals, like Milind K. Ambe MD at Newport Beach Plastic Surgery. It is better to trust an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Ambe to work his magic on crows’ feet and laugh lines than risk your health and beauty. Orange County Plastic Surgery

One In-Home device, Palovia Skin Renewing Laser, can be purchased at its website for just shy of $500. When this device arrives in the mail, the recipient can follow the instructions to apply a special gel to the region before zapping the skin around each eye. Even though it’s approved by the FDA, novice mistakes could cause damage.

Also approved by the FDA for avid DIYers are laser hair removal systems, microdermabrasion skin polishers, light therapy kits, serum infusers and dental whiteners that supposedly brighten with an extra vengeance. Many critics have reviewed these products,  and they believe that although the products work to some extent, the results do not compare to the results you get when you go to a professional. When it comes to health and beauty, sometimes it is better to trust those who have been to medical school and who do these procedures on a daily basis.

For more information on Orange County plastic surgery, contact Milind K. Ambe MD at Newport Beach Plastic Surgery.

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