A One-Day Surgery That Will Give You Impressive Results

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In just one day, you can get rid of unwanted body fat. Liposculpture is a one-day surgery that can help patients get a contoured shape, free of the stubborn fat areas they may have been fighting for years. This innovative procedure is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction for many men and women. It is minimally invasive, yet offers immediate and measurable results.

Liposculpture can be used to target many areas of the body and face, including the abdomen, arms, buttocks, back, and cheeks. Even more specialized areas, such as the calves, thighs, or neck, can also be addressed. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and can last between one to three hours. During that time, identified fat cells are removed using a fine needle.

Liposculpture Photo - Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

This outpatient procedure generally requires little recovery time, and many patients choose to deal with multiple trouble areas in a single session so that only one recovery period is required. Patients may experience some pain and swelling, and are advised to get plenty of rest in the following days. Though each patient should follow the advice of his or her plastic surgeon, most people can return to all normal activity, including exercise, within a week or two. Before long, patients will see the final results and will be able to enjoy the enviable shape they’ve been longing for!

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