Open Your Eyes to the Rejuvenating Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

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Orange County Eyelid SurgeryMen and women can open up their eyes and improve their overall outlook on life with rejuvenating eyelid surgery. Orange County patients are learning more about this revolutionary field of medical science and determining if this type of treatment option is right for their anti-aging needs. This type of elective cosmetic treatment is also known as blepharoplasty and can increase the tone and tightness of the skin in either the upper or lower part of the eye. While many people have busy schedules and often burn the candle at both ends, no one wants their eyes to betray how tired they are or, even worse, make them look tired all the time no matter how they feel.

For patients who feel like they are looking older than their age and would like a boost to their appearance, this treatment may be ideal. For great results with eye surgery, Orange County patients turn to experienced physicians such as Dr. Ambe. This type of rejuvenation can modify or correct the following:

– Excess fatty deposits around the eyes

– Puffiness

– Loose or sagging skin

– Bags under the eyes

– Droopiness

This procedure has the best results when performed on men and women who are in good health overall and do not smoke. Prompt healing minimizes overall risks or complications and will help you look and feel younger for years to come. Contact Dr. Ambe for a initial consultation to learn more about whether or not this type of treatment option is optimal. Individuals with certain eye conditions such as glaucoma or detached retina may not be eligible for eyelid surgery. Orange County residents no longer have to wear their age on their face with blepharoplasty.


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