How to Prepare for a Breast Augmentation

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Orange County Breast AugmentationMany women eagerly look forward to their elective cosmetic surgery in Orange County. Breast augmentation can be a particularly exciting procedure for women and offers terrific long-lasting results that improve body image and overall self-esteem. However, many patients are unfamiliar with the overall process and want to learn more about how to prepare physically and mentally for the surgery. There are a number of things patients can do in order to promote beautiful results and minimize overall risk.

After a initial consultation with Dr. Ambe, he will determine whether or not this type of elective cosmetic surgery is right for the patient. If he believes she may benefit from his services in Orange County, a breast augmentation will be scheduled and an outline of pre-operative instructions will be given to the patient. Dr. Ambe may instruct his patients to doing the following:

– Stop smoking

– Stop taking certain medicines such as blood thinners

– Get a mammogram before and after surgery

– Get certain laboratory blood tests

– Arrange for transportation to and from the surgical center

Other information that Dr. Ambe provides to his patients includes pre- and post-op instruction sheets, follow-up appointment scheduling, what to expect, and even implant registry documentation for Orange County. Breast augmentation is a common and relatively straightforward procedure. By understanding more about the process, patients can enter the surgical suite with the information they need to make smart choices about their health and overall well-being. Make an appointment to receive an initial consultation and learn more.

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