Orange County: Breast Enlargement Offers Incision Types

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Want to look fuller and more feminine? Well, in Orange County, breast enlargement procedure has managed to give women a better body contour and proportion. This procedure helps to increase your breast volume and make them appear perkier and shapelier.

Before opting for this procedure, it is very essential for you to know the incision types. Incision types generally are done as per your preference. If you are looking out for a specific incision type, then it is important that you find a surgeon who specializes in the same. Ambe Blog Pic 29Dec09

Generally, most surgeons place the implants via the inframammary crease and areola incisions, as these are the most common incisions used. However, there are two other types of incisions that are used in breast enlargement. These are special and need a good specialist for performing them as in case of any error, you may end up having uneven breasts. One is called the transaxillary and the other one is called the TUBA. In transaxillary, the incision is made in the armpit and with the natural folds in that area, the scar is generally hidden.

In TUBA, the incision is made at the rim of your navel. The scar is so small that it is not detectable and is hardly visible. The skin on the abdomen has more elasticity than the skin on the breast, or under the arm, hence, the scar is smaller.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an over-abundance of surgeons performing these two particular procedures, especially the TUBA procedure. So it is very important that you approach the right surgeon if you wish to get these types of incisions done.

The last thing you want your plastic surgeon to do is perform a procedure that he is not comfortable with. It is usually best to go with your surgeon’s incision of choice.

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