Staying Fit After Newport Beach Liposuction

After Newport Beach liposuction you will need to focus on diet and exercise to stay fit and maintain your results.

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Newport Beach liposuction gives you a permanent solution for removing stubborn stores of fat that simply will not exercise away. Yet, if you are not careful with your weight afterwards, you could see some flab creeping back in. Dr. Ambe recommends paying close attention to fitness and nutrition to maintain your results.

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the areas treated. This means that the fat cells cannot “grow back.” However, if you fail to maintain good fitness after liposuction, your body can produce more fat cells, and your existing fat cells can become bigger. Either way, you will gain weight.

To maintain your results, focus on portion control in your diet. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, so you have less room for fattening foods. Eat whole foods as much as possible, including whole grains and non-white starches. Not only will this help you maintain your shape, but your body will also thank you by having increased energy and overall health.

Exercise is also vital to maintaining your results. Two weeks after your Newport Beach liposuction surgery, you can usually begin light exercise. This might include walking or other low impact exercises. Walking is one of the best exercises after liposuction, and Dr. Ambe usually recommends short walks even the day after surgery. After four weeks, plan to return to your normal workout routine. Focus on being active every day to maintain your results.

Remember, liposuction permanently removes fat cells, but it does not lead to permanent fitness. Just as you were working to be fit before surgery, you will need to continue to do so after. If you are consistent, you will maintain your results and your trim new figure.

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