Plastic Surgery: Predictions to Reality in 2011

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Newport Beach plastic surgeon The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the leading source for consumer demographic research and statistics for years past as well as predictions for the year that lies ahead. Surgeons use information—such as the number of each procedure performed and the gender, age, and ethnicity of the patient—to determine predictions related to the plastic surgery trends for the coming year. Now that 2011 is complete, we decided to revisit the predictions made in 2011 to see if they came true.

Prediction: Increase in economy will lead to increase in cosmetic procedures.

Result: This proved to be true in both 2010 and 2011.

Prediction: Both men and women will continue to seek cheaper plastic surgery regardless of the risk.

Result: It proved to be true and probably continue into 2012 as the prices of procedures are actually being slated to go up by 20%.

Prediction: Facelifts and facial procedures will be on the rise.

Result: This is actually true but for male patients. There was a sharp increase in their interest and going through with the rejuvenation in 2011.

Plastic surgery is a means to correct congenital, developmental and aesthetics incongruities. Both men and women utilize these surgical and non-surgical procedures in order enhance their appearance. Plastic surgeons in Newport Beach observe the predictions in order to prepare themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to perform these surgeries.

Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Milind K. Ambe, MD, is an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon. To schedule an appointment for Orange County plastic surgery, contact Dr. Ambe’s office at (949) 759-5539

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