IPL – A Complete Skin Care Solution

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IPL is a comprehensive skin care solution that can be used to help treat a host of skin conditions. This popular treatment option uses intense pulsed light to target the affected area. As the technology continues to gain in popularity, both women and men are discovering the many benefits it can provide.

IPL - Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

This treatment is being embraced by people of varying ages and medical conditions because of its versatility. Those who want to address unattractive markings like age spots, freckles, acne scars, and birthmarks can all get the results they’re lookingfor. More serious conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, Rosacea, and spider veins can also be treated with this technology.

Another benefit of choosing this skin treatment is that it doesn’t hurt, while other, more intensive alternatives can cause sensitivity and even pain. During IPL treatments, such as photorejuvenation, light penetrates the skin and is absorbed and disposed of by the body naturally.

The lack of recovery time associated with the treatment is yet another benefit. Unlike chemical peels or surgical options, the skin is not irritated, red, or bloated for any amount of time following the procedure. People who undergo the treatment can get back to their regular schedule and routine immediately.

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