“Gummy Bear” Implants To Arrive On The Market

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gummy bear breast augmentationHave you heard of the new gummy bear implant? Despite the name, it’s actually one of the newest developments in breast augmentation. While not yet approved by the FDA, this new silicone implant provides women with another alternative in the ever-growing market for breast augmentation.

What makes this new implant design revolutionary is its structure. The implant is made from a high-strength silicone gel that is best described as “gummy,” much like the popular candy. The implant, once filled, holds its shape, even when ruptured. Also, if it sustains a surface cut it still holds its overall shape. While saline offers women a variety of surgical options such as incision types, they often feel less natural than silicone. They also pose both aesthetic and health risks if they rupture, necessitating revision surgery.

Modern silicone implants have been approved for augmentation surgery since 2006. The demand for these types of implants is growing. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation was the second most popular procedure for women in 2011. Of those surgeries, 69% of the implants were silicone.

Not many new implant designs or companies have been approved for manufacturing over the last 20 years. Allergan and Mentor had dominated the market before Sientra introduced a new line at was recently approved this past year. However, many industry professionals do believe that this latest advancement in design may be approved as soon as the end of this year.

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