Five Steps To Follow As You Prepare For A Facelift

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Undergoing a facelift is an exciting process that can have a tremendous impact on your life. If you’ve chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery, it’s tempting to spend all your time thinking about the incredible results you’ll be seeing soon. But make sure to plan well in advance and follow several key steps when preparing for the procedure. Here is a checklist to consider in the weeks or months leading up to your scheduled date:

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1) Talk through the details with your surgeon.
It’s important to have a thorough appointment with your surgeon in which you talk about the results you hope to achieve with a facelift. Be candid and speak openly about trouble areas that may bother you. Also share a complete medical history with your surgeon, highlighting any chronic conditions you may face and past surgeries you’ve had.

2) Quit smoking.
If you use tobacco, it is highly recommend that you give up the habit before surgery. The likelihood for complications or infection drops significantly for patients who give up smoking well in advance of the procedure.

3) Go for necessary testing.
In many cases, clients are advised to go for blood tests or other medical testing before the procedure. Follow the instructions of your surgeon and make sure he or she has all the information needed to be prepared on the scheduled surgery date.

4) Alter medications as directed.
Clients who take daily medications are often required to make minor changes in the days leading up to surgery. If you have questions about any medications you’re taking, consult with the surgeon.

5) Plan for transportation.
Following your facelift, you’ll have a brief recovery period onsite. After that, clients are encouraged to go home and begin the recovery process. Plan to have a friend or loved one with you on the day of the surgery who can take you home afterwards and help you get comfortable.

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